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What is ProGanix?

ProGanix is a natural organic fertilizer, amendment and plant growth enhancer derived from unique manufacturing technology process. Derived from animal and plant waste ProGanix is a nutrient and microbe rich probiotic nutrition source for plants high-yield sustainability.

Our highly concentrated microbial populations and nutrients will both stimulate and prolong plants life, help immunize the plants by reducing infections better known as Systemic Acquired Resistance and support the mycorrhizal  bacteria to help accelerate plant growth and prolong the growing season.

Our Story ...

Steven Malovic has over 40 years of experience in producing compost, soil amendments and organic fertilizers. Born and raised in Europe, at the early age Steven Malovic had a passion for visiting organic growers, browsing between organic fruit and vegetable markets, absorbing the natural fragrance, color and taste of organic produce.

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