About Us

BountyGreens was founded with the purpose and mission to provide organic, natural products that help the soil regain its natural balance which leads to healthy produce and increased yield.

Our products were created 30 years ago with the purpose to revitalize sandy desert soil and they have been improved ever since.

The story behind Bounty Greens and its cofounder, Steve Malovic:

Steven Malovic has over 40 years of experience in producing compost, soil amendments and organic fertilizers. Born and raised in Europe, at the early age Steven Malovic had a passion for visiting organic growers, browsing between organic fruit and vegetable markets, absorbing the natural fragrance, color and taste of organic produce.


Soon after Steven moved to the USA and purchased a farm in upstate NY, he has developed a method to make compost for his own European method organic gardening. Discovering the symbiosis relationship between nutrients, microbes and plants, he has found the secrets of longer growing seasons, soil water retention and higher yields. Steven was asked to go to Middle East to produce the same product. After 10 years in the Middle East, Steven expanded and operated one of the world’s largest composting, liquid and solid soil amendments sites.


Steven Malovic has returned to USA and has continued to develop and improve on his natural organic legacy with new superior ProGanix line of liquid fertilizers. Over 40 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of organic matter, microbial populations and nutrients have help made the ProGanix products stabilized, odorless and highly effective in every field of agro business.

Steven Malovic lives and works out of Boca Raton, Florida and is presently working on national and international business expansion.