The product:

ProGanix is a natural organic fertilizer, amendment and plant growth enhancer derived from unique manufacturing technology process. Derived from animal and plant waste ProGanix is a nutrient and microbe rich probiotic nutrition source for plants high-yield sustainability.

Our highly concentrated microbial populations and nutrients will both stimulate and prolong plants life, help immunize the plants by reducing infections better known as Systemic Acquired Resistance and support the mycorrhizal  bacteria to help accelerate plant growth and prolong the growing season.

Vast microbial populations in ProGanix will assist the plant root system by enabling the plants to better uptake the nutrients, save water, reduce pathogens, fungus and root feasting nematodes, and ultimately help increasing crop yield incrementally each and every growing season.

ProGanix 1-0-2 is intended for the upkeep of groves and orchards. It is close to pH neutral, and is therefore the safest product to use during bloom season, as a foliar application.

ProGanix 2-0-4 fertilizer is designed to barricade plant surfaces with safe soil bacteria, so that pathogenic bacteria, delivered by insects or other means, cannot enter as frequently or easily. It also protects roots with mycorrhizae and biofilm. It is primarily intended for the citrus industry, as well as other tropical fruits.